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$150 +

Drone Video

Get your listing to stand out by hiring us to take an high resolution aerial shot of your property

$29 +

Virtual Staging

Our designers will place amazing furniture using computer software on your picture of your home.

$39 +

Video Marketing

We can do virtual walk throughs of your property and produce listing videos for your property

Our Reviews


Wow, looked so real!

Very happy with the results. They were able to turn around a few rooms overnights and I could not tell this apart from a real picture. They made my listing look nicer and more appealing to buyers
Catherine W.

Happy & Satisfied

Wow, the results were amazing. I was so impressed by your virtual staging. I was able to see the home the way it’s meant to be seen.
Lauren B

They were quick

I was able to get them overnight – they said they usually take longer but were able to accommodate my urgent request. They called me to clarify a specific instruction I had for the living room I wanted staged.
Khan F.

Will be using again

Sometime these virtual staging pictures look too perfect and therefore unreal, but they were able to add some small imperfections like a small wrinkle to the carpet to make it look more real! Thanks and will be back for more.
Nancy K

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual staging is when a designer takes pictures of an empty room and then uses sophisticated software to add furniture to make the room look amazing.

Virtual staging is accomplished by taking a picture of a room and then using software to place furniture and other fixtures in the picture.

We typically return a staged a room in 24 hours.

We typically charge about $29 per room. We offer a package where we stage 4 rooms for $99.

Absolutely yes. It is worth it because it removes the hassle of traditional staging and gives you the same results cheaper and faster.

Yes, A recent study found that 77% of realtors thing that virtual staging helps them to sell a house.

Outdoor Staging

Outdoor virtual staging can make decks, pools and gardens more attractive to perspective buyers, Outdoors are the most overlooked areas of homes. Homeowners and Realtors tend to focus their attention on the interior and exterior of a home, yet neglect the outdoors (ex: front yard, back yard). Unfortunately, this is where people make first impressions about your home, so it’s important to present it in an attractive way. Send us your pictures and we can make your outdoors look fabulous.

Commercial Staging

For the business to be successful, it is important to have a clean and upscale appearance. Virtual staging can cost-effectively stage buildings of any size. A clean office building can engage a buyer by creating a professional first impression. In the example below, we decided to not go far to modern furniture because a more traditional decor was sought by the client.

Modern Furniture Styles

Modern Furniture Styles tame the chaos of modern society and create a sense of order. Modern furniture in upscale homes can make the home look more appealing to potential buyers while also adding comfort and style for everyday living.

Kitchen Staging

In this kitchen picture, they have strategically placed a items on the counter to create a focal point. Although not all areas of the kitchen are staged, it still looks very presentable. There is no need to clutter up your house with lots of items because less is more! With just a few pieces, the kitchen looks perfect.

Bedroom Staging

Bedrooms need to give off a sense of serenity and calm. The bedroom is a place for relaxation, recharging and getting ready for the next day or night. If your staging doesn’t show how comfortable the bed will be to sleep in at night, you’re missing out on an opportunity to turn more heads!

Bathroom Staging

Bathrooms are an important room as well, and the way it is shown on-screen will make a large impact on how potential buyers view it. Just by adding some towels and picture frames, you can change the entire look and feel of a bathroom. Add some flowers, candles and other decorative elements to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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About Us

HomeStagePros.com is the one stop shop for virtual staging needs. Our goal is to take your images and create the very best representation of your house without making any changes to the features of the room itself. We can also send our staff to take a drone foootage and create a 3D walk through of your house. Most importantly, we simply want to provide you the very best service.